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Science of Mind Foundation

Ensuring the legacy of Science of Mind to
provide spiritual tools to transform lives and
bring positive consciousness into the world.

The Science of Mind Foundation supports the inclusive, life-enhancing, spiritual practices of Science of Mind, which honors all people and all paths to God.

Woman with open armsBlending science, religion, and philosophy, Science of Mind teachings affirm that we live in a spiritual universe and that as we allow the Divine to flow through us, we can experience its infinite abundance.

It is the belief that our thoughts create our experience and that by changing our thoughts, engaging in spiritual practices, and understanding the laws of nature and science, we can change our lives.

Science of Mind believes we can reach a deeper connection with God to achieve a life of healing, empowerment, personal responsibility, and positive life skills.

The Science of Mind Foundation exists to ensure the availability of these teachings by supporting the long-term financial stability and programs of Centers for Spiritual Living and providing services to our worldwide community of Centers. The Science of Mind Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit supporting organization to Centers for Spiritual Living.  If you would like to learn more about the Foundation, Centers for Spiritual Living or giving opportunities, please contact us.